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Weekly Menu

Dalia's Catering Weekly Menu (English)


Who are you?

  • My name is Dalia and I live in Otterburn Park, QC. I'm the owner of both Dalia's Catering and OnlineOrganics. I'm from Palestinian descent and grew up in Jordan.


What kind of meals to you make?

  • I make a little bit of everything. I specialize in Middle-eastern and Mediterranean cooking. I mostly make vegetarian meals but you should see at least one meal with meat every week.
  • I also make fresh bread (bread loaves & bread buns) & hummus on Mondays & Thursdays.


How does your service work?

  • Every week I post the menu for the upcoming week (Monday to Sunday).
  • Just let me know at least 48 hours before the day you want to order if you want to order that day's menu.
  • Also let me know at least 48 hours in advance if you want fresh bread and/or hummus that I make every Monday & Thursday.
  • Finally let me know how many portions you want. I make the food fresh every day (no frozen or institutional food here). You could for example order 6 portions of a meal you really like it and keep it for another day if you wish.


How much does it cost?

  • 20.00$ per portion for the daily menu.
  • 5.00$ per fresh bread loaf (9.25'' x 5.25'' x 2.75'') on Mondays & Thursdays.
  • 12.00$ per dozen (12) of fresh bread buns on Mondays & Thursdays.
  • 15.00$ per ten (10) fresh pitas on Mondays & Thursdays.
  • 10.00$ per 650ml container of hummus on Mondays & Thursdays.
  • 12.00$ per 650ml container of garlic sauce on Mondays & Thursdays.


How can I reach you?


What payment methods do you accept?

  • Cash on pickup.
  • Interac eTransfer (Debit).
  • Credit card (Visa & Mastercard).


How does it work with containers?

  • I adhere to a zero waste policy. I highly encourage you to bring me your reusable containers.
  • I understand that sometimes your busy lifestyle does not fit with my zero waste policy. I can put your meals in aluminum foil take-out containers. I charge 2.00$ per container.


What ingredients do you use to make your meals?

  • I use our OnlineOrganics organic ingredients as much as possible. All meals are home cooked from scratch, no shortcuts here!


How do I pick up my meals?

  • You can come pick up your meals after 4PM in Otterburn Park every day.
  • I can deliver your meals for FREE in Otterburn Park. I can also see with you what we can arrange for delivery in Beloeil & Mont-Saint-Hilaire.