Organic White Vinegar 12%


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Gluten-Free Kosher Organic Vegan

Our organic white vinegar 12% as its name implies has a 12% concentration of acetic acid. This classifies it as a high strength vinegar. Most store bought vinegars are in the 5-7% range so you can easily see how this vinegar is twice as strong. This is a good thing as you need to put much less of this vinegar compared to store bought ones.

Our 20L format could be diluted by simply adding water to 40L saving fuel costs. This is a big environmental advantage as hauling around water is pretty useless and polluting.


Why buy organic vinegar?

  • White vinegar is made from corn alcohol. Conventionally, the type of corn used to make vinegar is highly modified GMO-corn. While this may not affect the final product, discouraging the use of GMO-corn is the best reason to switch to organic vinegar.
  • Since this corn is designed to make corn alcohol, producers have little regard for pesticide and fertilizer use as yield is the driving factor.
  • So you can understand why encouraging organic corn producers goes a long way to preserve our environment and waterways.
  • Our organic white vinegar can be used for cooking and cleaning. You can simply dilute it for your intended use. At full strength it makes for an excellent cleaning product.

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