Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make A Purchase On

At Online Organics, we offer regular checkout for credit cards and Interac eTransfer for debit card purchases.


Where Are You Located And Can I Pick Up My Purchase In Person?

We are located in Otterburn Park, QC. It is about 40 minutes from Montreal. If you happen to be close to us, you can come pick up your online order.


Do You Accept Other Forms Of Payment ?

We accept cash for pickup as long as there isn't any special order items in the order.


Will You Send Me A Receipt For My Purchases?

As soon as you pay for your item, we will email you a sales receipt with a detailed bill of the items purchased and purchase price. We will also email you as soon as your product has been shipped.


Why Don't You Sell Your Products On eBay and/or Amazon?

Between the very high fees they charge (about 15%) and the poor working conditions of employees we do not want to encourage them.


Why is some of my food discolored?

This is what real authentic organic food is supposed to look like.

Commercial non-organic cultures will have nicer more perfect products; just like organic vs non-organic apples for example.

These are plant diseases that happed when you have organic cultures. There is always 1% of your crop that is going to be battling a disease, its what nature intended!

If you zoom into our product pictures, you will always be able to spot one item that is not perfect.

If you don't believe us you can read an article called ''Scouting for Common Soybean Seed Diseases'' published by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).


Do You Have A Question That You Think Should Appear On This Page?

If yes, Contact Us so we can post it right here.

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