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Can I Buy In Bulk?

We offer a 20-40% discount if you want to buy in bulk. The products generally come in paper or fabric bags directly from the country of origin. They are typically 10-30 kg bags (Ex: White Basmati Rice comes in fabric pouches of 25 kg). If you want a quote for shipping before making your purchase you are always welcome to Contact Us. Please note that there is up to a 4 week lead time on bulk purchases.

Most of our bulk products are listed on our Online Store but we are constantly adding new products. To view the full list of products we have take a look at our price list below.


What Kind Of Quantity Can You Handle?

We have facilities to handle wholesale orders of 1 bag up to a full truck load (20,000 kg). For quantities above this Contact Us and we will look how we can help you with logistically to move a bigger quantity. We can ship whole pallets with LTL (Less than Truckload) all over Canada. If you require a pallet load (500-1000kg) please Contact Us as we may be able to offer much better rates than the ones shown on the website.


Do You Have A Pricelist?

You can find our price list below. It includes price per kg and full bag size. The prices are updated in real time so the current file always has the right prices.