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🚧 Construction Holiday Notice (July 20th - August 4th) 🚧
🚧 Construction Holiday Notice (July 20th - Aug. 4th)


Shipping Information

What Are Your Options For Shipping?

  • Shipping with GLS, CanadaPost, Purolator, UPS, FedEx & CanPar.
  • Fixed $200 freight for large orders within 250km of us. Click here to see where our special freight service area is.
  • Special freight rates for orders that are not within 250km of us.
  • Free local curbside pickup in Otterburn Park, QC.
  • Free local delivery within 10km of Otterburn Park, QC for orders of $10+.
  • Free delivery within 60km of Otterburn Park, QC for orders of $500+.

Our online shipping calculator is pretty accurate. To know how much shipping will cost, simply add the items to your Cart and tap on "Check out". Start by entering your shipping address and you will see the shipping options available to you.

You can always Contact Us if the shipping options are not reasonable or if your order is above 200 kg. Be sure to include your postal code and total weight of your projected order. Diesel prices are soaring to unprecedented limits and we are doing our best to keep prices low.

Quick Tip: Shipping becomes cheaper per kg the more you order. More savings on shipping means overall cheaper prices for you!


How fast will I get my order?

All orders are subject to a processing time and a transit time. The processing time is the time it takes to gather the products for your order and box/palletize them. The processing time depends on the type of product and quantity. The transit time is the time it takes the carrier to deliver the order when it ships out.

  • Retail format orders (Individual portions, cans, jars, small boxes, etc.) are normally processed within 48 hours.
  • Wholesale format orders (Wholesale bags, boxes, cases, pallets, drums, totes, etc.) are normally processed within 2 weeks.
  • Special orders (All products marked as Special Order) are normally processed within 3-4 weeks.
  • We strive to provide fresh local products and will often have small weekly shipments of flour, grain, flakes and spices to get the freshest products for you. We try our best to minimize time products are sitting in a warehouse.

The delivery standards listed below are the maximum average transit times. This means that the majority of packages will be delivered within that delay. As the distance increases there is more possibility for delays, but from the experience we've acquired we can say that you shouldn't be too worried.

  • Within Quebec & Ontario (Excluding remote areas): 1 to 3 business days.
  • Rest of Canada: 2 to 7 business days.


Where Do You Ship To?

We ship to all of Canada including northern territories. We have no projects to export to the US or other countries.


How Do I Order If I'm In An Isolated Northern Village?

We do not normally ship to PO boxes but these along with house numbers are common in northern territories. The only carrier that reliably delivers and for a somewhat reasonable amount is CanadaPost. CanadaPost accepts boxes up to 30 kg. To leave room for the weight of the cardboard box and packaging, we can put a maximum of 28 kg per box. This will allow you to maximize the quantity of products for the cost of shipping. To get a quote for your village just contact us and we will send you a quote per 28 kg. So for example if you want 100 kg of products that would be 4 boxes.


How Do I Order If I'm In The US?

While we don't ship to the US there a a lot of package forwarding companies that do and it's pretty simple. They give you a Canadian address (Montreal, QC is the best) to put as your shipping address and when they receive your order they will forward it to your US address. To name a few there is:


Why is Shipping Expensive?

Sadly shipping in Canada is pretty expensive as we have a generally low population density combined with a huge country. Some companies that offer lower shipping rates and even free shipping are simply hiding the shipping costs inside the product price. We don't and our product prices thus reflect what they actually cost. This encourages local shopping further reducing our environmental footprint. Our shipping rates are excellent and reflect the actual cost of shipping. We have good discounted accounts with all major carriers and the price you pay is fair.

To maximize the cost per kg to ship our products there is 5 things you can do:

  1. The more you order the cheaper it will cost to ship per kg. Making one large order with friends and family will be very beneficial.
  2. Location is very very important. If you live in a remote region or even just outside a major city consider shipping to a friend or to your workplace. Just being 40km outside the city in a smaller town can double the shipping costs.
  3. If your order is above 150 kg you can always contact us, we will quote you manually and may just save you a couple of dollars. Even if our shipping calculator is pretty impressive, its not perfect.
  4. If your shipping costs are above $200, consider our special freight option. Click here to see where our special freight service area is. We can even meet you just outside Ottawa or Quebec city if you are just outside our service area.
  5. If you are within Quebec or Ontario consider making a road trip out of it and picking up your order. The money saved on shipping can pay for doing fun activities along the way.


How Much Weight can my Car Handle?

  • Cars are generally designed for carrying 5 adults, so carrying 400-500 kg for even a small car is doable counting the driver.
  • To know how much weight your car can carry simply find out the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and subtract the Curb Weight.
  • You can find the GVWR and Curb Weight in your owner's manual, on the Transport Canada label on the driver's side door and online.
  • As an example a 2009 Honda civic GVWR is 1665 kg and its curb weight is 1200 kg, so it can carry 465 kg including the driver, fuel and accessories.
  • Weight distribution is key when carrying heavy items, we can advise on loading your order when you come pick up.


250km Special Freight Service Area

OnlineOrganics 250km Freight Otterburn Park