Organic Dried California Flame Raisins

Organic Dried California Flame Raisins


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Category: Dried Fruit

Expected Shelf Life: 1 Year

Country of Origin: USA

Characteristics & Certifications:

Gluten-Free Kosher Organic Vegan

Our organic dried Californian Flame raisins are made from flame grapes, which are red seedless grapes that mature earlier than green Thompson grapes do. They are the amongst the sweetest raisins that you can buy, making them a good snacking choice. These raisins are sun-dried for ultimate taste and quality.


What is the difference between Thompson, Sultana, Flame raisins and Zante currants?

  • Both "Thompson" and "Sultana" raisins come from the same "Thompson Seedless" green grape variety.
  • The difference between "Thompson" and "Sultana" raisins lies in how they are dried. "Thompson" raisins are sun dried without any additional processing. This takes up to 3 weeks and raises their cost. "Sultana" raisins are dipped in oil (organic vegetable oil or more typically organic olive oil) and laid out in the sun to dry. This greatly speeds up the drying process and prevents them from becoming dark like "Thompson" raisins. Their processing being more industrial they are less popular but equally delicious.
  • Flame raisins come from red flame grapes. They are sweeter than green "Thompson Seedless" grapes. They are sun dried without any additional processing.
  • Zante currants also known as "corinth raisins" are very small raisins (1/4 of the size of Thompson seedless). They are red when fresh and get a very dark black when dried. Their name comes from the island of Zakynthos (Zante) in Greece which first started commercially exporting them.

Storage Tips:

  • Nothing beats vacuum sealing for freshness.
  • Store below 15°C and < 65% humidity.
  • Store in the dark as light degrades flavors.
  • Mason jars make great storage containers.
  • Can be frozen to prolong shelf life.

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