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Organic Garlic Powder

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  • Herbs, Spices & Seasoning Blends
  • Powders

Shelf Life:

  • 2 Years

Country of Origin:

  • Egypt
  • Mexico
  • India
  • China

Certified COR Certified NOP Naturally Gluten Free Kosher Vegan

Our organic garlic powder, also known as ground garlic, is dehydrated garlic that has been pulverized and turned into a powder. Garlic cloves are sliced up and then placed into a dehydrator, then ground into a powder.

The texture of garlic powder makes it ideal for spice rubs and dredges. Minced fresh garlic would make it lumpy, thanks in part to the moisture, but the dry powder is much more easily dispersed. So anytime you need to make a spice blend for barbecue or a batch of seasoned flour ahead of dredging and frying chicken, garlic powder is the ingredient of choice.

Garlic is a bulb vegetable that is the headliner of the "allium" genus, so much so that "allium" is literally the word for garlic in Latin. This groups of flowering plants includes a massive amount of species, including scallions, onions, shallots, leeks, chives, and other marvelously stinky greens. Believed to be native to Central Asia, South Asia, or Southwester Siberia, its use has become global even to European culinary traditions such as Italian, Spanish, and French.

As much as it’s used to enhance the nutrients and flavors of dishes, it’s also used medicinally and spiritually in various cultures, including in China, the world’s top garlic producer. This country’s climate is ideally suited for growing garlic, which is why it provides 80% of the world’s total each year, a whopping 20 million tons!

Of the 20 tons of garlic produced by China each year, the majority come from Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Yunna, and Jiangsu. Five provinces whose mild winters and warm climates soft-neck garlic find appealing. Although over 300 types of garlic are cultivated around the world, this is the category most of the garlic we consume falls under.


What is the difference between garlic powder, garlic granules, minced garlic and garlic salt?

  • Garlic powder has finest texture and smallest granules of the three. It has a flour type of texture and dissolves very well.
  • Garlic granules is made the same was as garlic powder but is ground much coarser. Consistency similar to sugar or salt.
  • Minced garlic is made as you would mince fresh garlic but it has then been dehydrated. Most commonly used in recipes involving meat or vegetables where you want the texture of small garlic pieces.
  • Garlic salt is a mixture of garlic powder and sea salt. The ratio of garlic powder to salt is one part garlic powder to three parts salt.


In order to keep our organic herbs, spices & seasoning blends as fresh as possible we keep our standing inventory very low. There may be up to a 4 week lead time for this product to get you the freshest products possible.

Storage Tips:

  • Store below 15°C and < 65% humidity.
  • Store in the dark as light degrades flavors.
  • Mason jars make great storage containers.
  • Can be frozen to prolong shelf life.