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Organic "Matcha" Green Tea Powder

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  • Tea
  • Powders

Shelf Life:

  • 2 Years

Country of Origin:

  • Japan
Certified COR Certified NOP Certified Gluten Free Kosher Vegan

Our organic "Matcha" green tea powder is a type of green tea made by taking young tea leaves and grinding them into a bright green powder. The powder is then whisked with hot water. This is different from regular green tea, where the leaves are infused in water, then removed. With matcha, you're drinking the whole tea leaves for maximum nutrients. It contains moderate amounts of caffeine (a little more than infused green tea leaves) and makes a good daily tea.

Matcha leaves are grown on green tea bushes kept under shade. The shade increases the amount of chlorophyll content in the leaves, which is what makes them bright green and full of nutrients. The finest matcha comes from Japan which is where we source our matcha.


What are matcha tea benefits?

  • Matcha, like other green teas, contains a class of antioxidants called catechins. Matcha is high in a catechin called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is linked to multiple positive studies.


What does matcha taste like?

  • A good quality matcha is bright green and smooth. An average matcha will be yellow and grainy to touch. That is why we only source authentic Japanese matcha.

General Storage Tips:

• Nothing beats vacuum sealing for freshness.
• Store below 15°C and < 65% humidity.
• Store in the dark as light degrades flavors.
• Mason jars make great storage containers.
• Can be frozen to prolong shelf life.