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Organic Ground Thyme

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  • Herbs, Spices & Seasoning Blends
  • Powders

Shelf Life:

  • 2 Years

Country of Origin:

  • Albania
  • Egypt
  • Turkey

Certified COR Certified NOP Naturally Gluten Free Vegan

Our organic thyme powder has a pronounced, concentrated herbal flavor with sharp grass, wood, and floral notes (like lavender and rosemary). This organic thyme is from the "Thymus vulgaris" variety also called common thyme.


What is Thyme?

  • Thyme is a perennial shrub with greenish-gray aromatic leaves. It originates from Southern Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean but now is found in many areas of the world with temperate climates.
  • The Greek word for thyme is derived from a descriptor meaning "to fumigate", which may refer to the aroma generated in the burning of thyme as incense in ancient temples of Greece. Traditional remedies associated with thyme include alleviation of pulmonary diseases. Roman soldiers would bathe in thyme to become courageous.
  • Thyme's culinary uses are many. Because of its distinct aroma, this spice is often added to baked goods, stews, meats, garden salads, poultry stuffings, seafood, egg dishes, and in marinades of chicken and fish. Thyme also contributes flavor to a variety of vegetable preparations, such as beans, onions, potatoes, and carrots.


In order to keep our organic herbs, spices & seasoning blends as fresh as possible we keep our standing inventory very low. There may be up to a 4 week lead time for this product to get you the freshest products possible.

Storage Tips:

  • Store below 15°C and < 65% humidity.
  • Store in the dark as light degrades flavors.
  • Mason jars make great storage containers.
  • Can be frozen to prolong shelf life.