Pink Himalayan Salt (Fine)


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Category / Catégorie: Salt

Shelf Life / Durée de conservation: Indefinite / Indéfinie

Country of Origin / Pays d'origine: Pakistan

Characteristics & Certifications / Caractéristiques & certifications:

Gluten-Free Keto Kosher Paleo Vegan

Our fine Himalayan pink salt has no additives whatsoever and while being about 98% sodium chloride it also contains up to 84 trace minerals. Use it to add color to dish toppings and as great presentation piece on your table.

Some claim it has a lower sodium content than other salts but this is actually not true. Its simply the grain size that makes the difference. Larger salt grains leave more air gaps in between them so if you're comparing one table spoon of coarse Himalayan salt to fine table salt there will be a big difference. On the other side if you're comparing one table spoon of fine Himalayan salt to fine table salt there will be no difference.


What is Himalayan Salt?

  • Himalayan pink salt is a pink-hued variety of rock salt (halite) that is sourced near the Himalaya mountains of Pakistan.
  • The salt is mostly mined at the Khewra Salt Mine in Khewra, Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan, which is situated in the foothills of the Salt Range hill system in the Punjab province of the Pakistan Indo-Gangetic Plain. Founded in 1872, it is one of the oldest salt mines in the world. Though mined like rock salt, Himalayan pink salt is technically a sea salt.
  • The trace minerals (mainly iron oxide) in Himalayan pink salt give the salt its pink tinge, which can range from a subtle pink color to a much more varied, vibrant pink. Finely ground pink salt appears lighter in its pinkish color than the coarse version.


Why is my salt clumpy?

  • While we strive to deliver a perfect smooth sand like salt, it is possible that your salt will develop clumps. This is perfectly normal as our salt is 100% pure with no additives.
  • Regular table salt has anti-caking agents added like: calcium aluminum silicate, calcium phosphate tribasic, calcium silicate, calcium stearate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium silicate, magnesium stearate, propylene glycol, potassium ferrocyanide trihydrate, sodium aluminum silicate, and/or sodium ferrocyanide decahydrate.
  • We prefer clumps over ingesting chemicals, they are easy to break with just a butter knife.

Storage Tips:

  • Store below 65% humidity.
  • Mason jars make great storage containers.

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